IAABO Junior Boys Basketball

League Rules 2016-2017

1.  National Federation High School Rules will apply, unless otherwise noted. 

2.  All 6th grade boys’ coaches have the option to use the women’s ball (28.5). The men’s ball (29.5) may be used if BOTH team coaches agree to its use.

3.  Teams may use T-shirts (included in league fee) as their uniforms or they may use their own uniforms or reversible mesh jerseys. Competitors are allowed to wear T-shirts under their team uniforms/mesh jerseys. The color of the T-shirts must be the dominant color of the uniform. All team members must wear the same colored T-shirt under the uniform/mesh jerseys.

4.  A Zero Tolerance rule will be in effect. All coaching discipline problems will be reported to the respective high school varsity head coach. All decisions regarding disciplinary issues will be decided by league officials, and H&R Sports management. The Zero Tolerance rule applies to players, coaches, parents, and fans.  Those that do not behave properly will be asked to, and expected to, leave the league site. In accordance with NFHS rules, Only ONE coach will be allowed to stand and coach during games. If a coach is EJECTED from a game, he must sit out the next scheduled game (per MSHSAA rules) and must pay the IAABO JR GAC league a fine of $25. The fine must be paid before the coach can return. Second EJECTION of the season results in removal from the league for that season. Players who are ejected are suspended for the next league game, per MSHSAA rules.

5.  6th grade games will be (2) 16 minute halves with a running clock. 7th and 8th grades will be (2) 18 minute halves with a running clock. The clock will stop on all official whistles only during the last 3 minutes of each half. 

6.  In the event of a 20 point lead, the clock will continue to run during the last 3 minutes of the second half only. (Coaches, please instruct your fans not to yell at time keepers.)

7.  There will be (2) 30 second time outs and (2) full time outs per game. (4 Per Game)

8.  Teams must have 5 players to start a game. The game will be forfeited if the team is not assembled within 5 minutes of the scheduled start time. There will be a $25.00 fee for each team that has to forfeit a game.

9.  If your team is up by 15-Points the NO PRESS rule goes into effect. (Officials will give one warning regarding the press rule. Technical Fouls will be awarded after one warning.)

10.  Coaches will be responsible for getting competitor jersey numbers on the score sheet, 10 minutes prior to game time. (Recording athlete’s numbers is not the responsibility of the clock/score keepers.) Once your team information is given to the official score keeper no coach, parent, or team score keeper is allowed at the official score keepers’ table. The coach will be given a DIRECT TECHINCAL FOUL if this rule is not followed. If you have a question of a score keeper signal for the attention of the game official(s) and allow the game official(s) to handle the situation.

11.  Rosters must be turned in before playing the first game. No amendments will be allowed during the season. (Exception: A student moved in/new to the district.)

12.  In the event of a tie in league standings, head to head results will be used first, followed by first common opponent results.

13.  All over times will be 2 minute periods. Two, 2-minute overtime periods will be allowed.  After the 2nd overtime “sudden death” (first team to score wins) will decide the winning team.

14.  All teams will play a 10 game schedule.

15. The Jr. IAABO GAC director/scheduler will decide game times for all make-up games. (For Scores & Team Standings go to the IAABO Web Address: http://iaabo173.org to be posted by Wednesday following each week.)